Myths about fungal nails

Myths about fungal nails!


Since the invent of the internet there are now more experts than ever. If “Dr Google” or a friends who’s a bit of a “Facebook Physicians” has some advice you’d rather try , please proceed. VERY happy if you found your infection was cured by home remedies.

We would like to note the following! We are NOT disputing the effectiveness of Pharmaceutical products with a clear scientifically rigorous evidence base.

However we have collated a list of what we recognize as common myths and some “old wives tales” for those that would like to avoid being led astray, wasting time + money.


Tea tree oil – will cure your fungal infections

Everyone from your great aunt to all the brilliant “Facebook Physicians” will tell you that Tea tree oil will fix this. After 20 years of Podiatry Dr Brenden says he is yet to see a single case cured by Tea tree oil.

The evidence is Poor - Mayo clinic rates it “C level evidence - Unclear scientific evidence for this use” Despite our best efforts we have found no evidence to support its use – We really did search!


You need ONLY treat the nail with the obvious infection

We have multiple people a day ring us after having been treated for a single toe infection, with little if any result. There is a 100% chance of spores being present in surrounding toes. We know these “eggs” or spores then hatch, starting a new infection.

You need to ask yourself with that knowledge why these clinics would treat only 1 toe knowing that? 


Hydrogen peroxide – Will kill it?

Don’t shoot the messenger but; National Institutes of Health (USA)  reports, “… with the exception of nail lacquer topical solutions, topical treatment of toenail fungal infections usually does not have a significant effect.”

It continues to suggests that hydrogen peroxide does not effectively treat toenail fungus. Because;“… Creams and other topical medications are usually not effective against nail fungus. This is because nails are too hard for external applications to penetrate.” (

We are really sorry, but that is what the research says.


If I have toenail fungus, it is because I have not been cleaning or treating my nails properly.

“Some of the cleanest, loveliest, best smelling people I’ve meet have nail fungus”  Say Brenden our Principal Podiatrist

There is NO link to cleanliness + fungal infection. Fungus is highly infectious it is thought to be passed on in bathrooms, change rooms, nail salons or even reports from walking barefoot on carpet that has come in contact with spores.

Cleanliness has nothing to do with the condition. Soap and washing has been shown to have no effect!


There is a safe, inexpensive, easy cure for toenail fungus that my doctor is just not telling me about.

We looked for 20 years! Sadly we have only found Oral medications – with side effects. Finally now medical grade Laser which has demonstrated safe + reliable effectiveness.

Even paints and cream have proven disappointing;  “… Creams and other topical medications are usually not effective against nail fungus. This is because nails are too hard for external applications to penetrate.”  As report again by the National Institute of health. (


Vicks Vapo Rub, lavender oil, vinegar + Listerine work!

All commonly touted over-the-counter remedy. These “cures” have been reported to work anecdotally, but no large trials have been done. Vapour rub had a reasonable result but on only 18 participants. Listerine has been tested in Petri dishes and not people.

If these products worked – WHY haven’t the manufacturers sprouted its effectiveness – Developing off shoot products! The argument “it’s because they already make enough money”. Is not strong as that’s not how large multinational companies roll!


I had a test with my GP and it came back negative. So it can’t be a fungal infection!

Daily we hear this, False Negatives are VERY common.

Our thoughts are these;

  • Have you been applying Paints Creams Lotions? How long since you stopped? Testing nail with freshly (within last few weeks to Month) applied anti-fungal medicaments will definitely result in a NEGATIVE RESULT
  • Nail fungus grows from the top and works its way down – If you cut/scrap from the top you are testing dead fungus – Nothing will grow! NEGATIVE RESULT
  • Was the scrapping the worst looking bit? If so your GP is testing the dead nail again – NO Nutrients for the fungus to live in – again testing dead nail NEGATIVE RESULT
  • Sample is taken. Placed in a clear jar – placed in back of car or in GP practice in the sun. Sunlight (UV) light kills fungus. Add to this the wrong temperature + once again you have a NEGATIVE RESULT

Our clinician have a university degree in Podiatry, they have seen literally 1000’s of nails with fungal infections. Our clinicians can also confidently identify nails who look similar but have no infection. Nails with Psoriasis, onychogryphosis and onychauxis for example to name a few. We will decline treatment to those we believe do not have an infection.


Washing in the washing machine will kill the fungal infection in socks etc

NO, sadly this is not true, Fungal infections require much more than a warm wash in the tub. This is a fungal infection – Antibacterial washes have no effect.


Antibiotics will kill the fungal infection.

Antibiotics kill bacterial infections. They are powerless against fungal infections, much like they cannot kill viruses. Taking antibiotics will not cure this and is increasingly becoming frowned upon as our resilience to other super bugs becomes reduced because of our over use of these.

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