Fungal Nail Doctor Centres

Fungal Nail Doctor Centres



Fungal Nail Doctor centre’s were developed by leading Podiatrist Dr Brenden Brown. As the founder and principal Podiatrist of A Step Ahead foot + ankle care, Brenden saw a need for Podiatry professionals dedicated to providing reliable + effective solutions to fungal nails!

After over 20 years in the Podiatry profession + feeling the frustration of literally tens of thousands of patients, he took the decision to look for a solution to chronic fungal toenails. 

Brenden Brown (BB as he is known to friends + the team) began to read research articles reporting excellent results at fighting fungal nail infections. As the technology started to arrive in Australia Brenden noted it was very expensive and not readily available. In search of a cost effective reliable safe laser therapy he visited the USA who led the world in the introduction of the therapy – After extensive research, he found the Class 4 Diode laser used today by Medical Laser solutions.  (Translation: BB brought world class technology to Australia! So you can enjoy clear fungal free toenails)


“Each year I see literally hundreds of patients who have struggled with this horrible condition” Says Brenden.



After treating hundreds of patients what makes us successful?

What's our secret shhh!

  • We treat all areas fungus hides
  • We treat all your nails
  • We teach you and help you treat skin, shoes, socks and even your shower!
  • We use a systemised approach – that has a history of killing fungal nails in their tracks!

If your podiatrist is not doing this you need to ask are you really going to get the results you want?


Fungal Nail Doctor Centre's are a part of the ASTEPAHEAD group


BB after many years noted that podiatrists focused mainly on cutting toenails! The more difficult and more technical work was left to be almost an after thought. Much of the work required more dedication and training, not something everyone was willing to put in.

As a result he decided that they would focus on key areas and develop staff who had a passion or special skill set so that patients could visit Podiatrists who had special knowledge + interest in that particular area.

It also means the Podiatrist are not busy, ready to run off and cut toenails instead of paying special attention to your particular condition + needs.

This meant the development of specialised clinics such as Fungal Nail Doctor centres.


Who’s Brenden Brown?



Our team is led by Dr Brenden Brown Podiatrist, who is one of Australia’s leading podiatry experts

Brenden (BB) is the past President of the Australian Podiatry Association, has featured widely on Television and in the media. He is an expert in his field, chatting about foot conditions on a regular talk back segment on Sydney radio. His mum is very proud!

A little bit about our BB

  • As recognised experts he is asked to provide workshops + continuing education for Medical Practitioners.
  • BB has appeared on Channel 7,9 and 10 providing expert Podiatry advice. He has contributed to literally 100’s of articles as a Podiatry
  • BB has had roles with both Clarks Footwear and Blundstone Australia as their Podiatry advisor.
  • Our practitioners have experience treating professional athletes and sporting teams. As well as professional dancers

Brenden has been the founder and principal Podiatrist behind A step ahead foot and Ankle Care, experts in complex lower limb + foot pain established 18 years ago.