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How does it work?

  • A laser is placed carefully over the nail by our skilled therapists.
  • The laser heats the under surface of the nail, to approximately 40 + 50 degrees
  • The laser penetrates to where the fungus is living.
  • Both heat and the spectrum of the laser have been fund to effecticvely kill the fungus.

Will it hurt?

  • Most people report a warming sensation over the nail slowly building, as the nail heats to kill the colony of nail fungus.
  • Many patients describe it as anything from a mild heat to a sensation equivalent of laser hair removal.
  • We have treated 10 year old’s who sat and read books + 40 year old truck drivers completely covered in tattoos who squirmed + moaned. It varies between people.
  • Most of our patients tell us it is a mild discomfort but bearable.

If the nail becomes hot to a point where it is uncomfortable, please let your therapist know and they will simply stop + so will the hot sensation immediately, after which the treatment will continue.

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What’s the difference between Hot vs Cold laser

  • Hot laser = Heat.
    To start with there is a hot or warm sensation.
  • Hot laser – Most patients require 1 session, some patients may require 2 sessions for particularly aggressive infections.
  • Cold laser requires numerous sessions – we have had patients report literally spending thousands of dollars up to 12 sessions.
  • Hot laser has been around for decades now and the evidence base is increasing as the therapy is now widely used amongst the medical community.

How long before I see results?

  • Laser instantly kills living fungus – while you cant see it – its DEAD
  • Nails regrow from the base only
  • Nails grow approximately 0.1 mm/day (1 cm every 100 days)
  • Finger nails about 3-6 months
  • Toenails completely regrow in about 12 -18 months
    (age, season, hereditary factors etc will create variance)

Your therapist can also advise you on associated treatments which can be accessed which will allow you to have a new looking nail immediately using a patented resin based polymer that can be used during your fungal treatment. 

Do I need my nail removed?

No - while many General Practitioners believe this will work we are yet to see it work at all. Most nails that are removed immediately re infect as the fungus and its spores are still around and are invisible.

Will I need more than one treatment?

Yes, that is a possibility. Many people will require 1 or 2 treatments to successfully rid themselves of this condition from reinfection.  However, to date most of our patients have been successfully treated by 1 treatment


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Why do you treat all 10 nails?

  • There is a very high chance, some suggest over 99%, that spores from the infection will be present in ALL toes
  • Spores are invisible
  • Your toes are next to each other – Fungal infections are HIGHLY contagious
  • Not treating other toes leads to higher rates of re-infection.

How effective is the treatment?

  • Clinical trials report the effectiveness is rated from between 70 up to 80% effective.
  • No treatment is fool-proof and closely following the instruction your Podiatrist gives you and returning for your follow up treatments will assist in making this treatment more effective for you.

How long does the procedure take?

  • The procedure takes between 30 to 60 minutes each session.

Will the fungus return?

  • The fungal infection is highly contagious
  • We often describe the infection a little like a tummy bug, it can pass from person to person very easily – think how important it is to maintain hygiene with a tummy bug – we will show you how!
  • We will give you very clear + detailed instructions on how to keep the infection at bay
  • We cannot guarantee it won’t return – We can kill it and reduce your risk of re infection.


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Can I wear nail polish after the procedure?

  • Yes you can!
  • Please DO NOT use old nail polish that has been used on infected toes

Will I need time of work or time to recover?

NO! This is an “in clinic” - “walk in walk out” treatment. You will not need any time off work and can return to all your daily activities immediately after the procedure.

What if my test came back negative from the sample my GP took?

It happens often! We have do some research on why this occurs, and have written about this is detail in our Myths section.
Testing seems to fail for various reason including;

  • How the scrapping is taken,
  • Where from, how it is stored,
  • How it is tested,
  • Whether or not you have applied medication lately!

Our myths section explains in detail.

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