Tired of unsightly discoloured nails?


Tried creams, lacquers, paints and medicaments with NO results?

Head towards clear healthy nails

Do you suffer from the following;

  • Unsightly Yellow or brown streaks or spots
  • White spots or streaks
  • White Flaking nail
  • Discolored
  • Thickened + / or Crumbling
  • Occasional unpleasant smell


Finally, a solution to unsightly fungal nail infections

  • A safe + simple
  • Reliable outcomes
  • Time effective treatment. 45 – 60 minutes
  • NO Side affects
  • NO medications
  • Sydney’s leading Laser clinic


If you are 1 of the 1000’s of people who have been effected by this horrible condition you are most likely looking for a reliable + safe solution.

You will be looking for clear nails, free from discolouration, with brown and yellow streaks!

Years of infection + poor results - Need a solution?

It is estimated that over 2 Million people in Australia suffer from Fungal toenails!  (that’s 10% of the Population).  So, if you think your nails have a fungus you may well be right!

Fungal nails can be unsightly and embarrassing. Often described as “rotten nails”, patients may describe their nails as varying in colour, from a yellow through to a brown discolouration. The nail may also look like it is thickened or even eaten away.

Sadly many people have struggled with unreliable or unsuccessful treatments.

Past treatments have, including oral therapy;

  • Limited success
  • Expensive
  • Nasty side effects
  • Taken months to years to take effect
  • Laser therapy is a new and highly effective treatment for this embarrassing and health effecting problem.



Highly effective – Fast result  Highly effective – Fast result
Safe – No side effects!  Safe – No side effects!
No Anesthetic required  No Anesthetic required
Comfortable with minimal discomfort  Comfortable with minimal discomfort
Nail Polish can be applied immediately after you leave  Nail Polish can be applied immediately after you leave
No need to take medication  No need to take medication

Laser has become the treatment of choice over the last decade, with 1000’s of people finding results returning their nails to clear and fungal free. No nasty medications, no side effects.

Creams, Paints and Ointments are successful in less than 12% of patients

80% plus success rate