How Does Laser kill fungal infections in nails

How Does Laser kill fungal infections in nails


When your nails are infected with fungus not only is the fungus alive and living in and on your nails but it is also breeding.

Did you know;

  • “Eggs” of a fungus are called spores, are completely invisible to the naked eye.
  • Spores or eggs are very strong + numerous potions creams + paints on most occasions they do very little to kill the spores living in your nail.

How does laser work?

  • Laser treatment passes a beam of laser light at very high spectrum over the infected area.
  • Laser heats the inside of the nail + tissue underneath gently raising the temperature to between 45 and 50 degrees.
  • This kills both the fungus and its spores or eggs that are in and around the nail.
  • This laser is specially calibrated to kill both the fungus and its spores.
  • Laser is safe and painless and takes approximately 45 - 60 minutes to treat all 10 toe nails.
  • No need for anaesthetics or operations + treatment’s are performed in our specially prepared treatment rooms.


Looking for a reliable and effective solution?

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Get ready for summer


Ugly yellow and unsightly thickened toe nails can stop even the prettiest feet from heading to the beach.  Treatments for nail fungus will kill the fungus and its spores immediately. However the nail will take a number of weeks and months to grow out and become completely clear again.

Tips to making nails look super for open footwear

Firstly, it’s important to undertake this treatment as soon as possible if you are looking forward to a series of important function or simply just open footwear, where you can show your toes off and at their best!

  • Our team work closely with nail technicians. We can advise of nail techs to replace destroyed nails – We can advise of tech’s who will apply “Fakies”
  • Nail Polish can be applied straight after by your technician (No our Dr’s won’t do this!)
  • Avoid using old nail polish you may have left over! It will have spores still possibly living in it and WILL re infect your nails!
  • Seek out Qualified + quality nail technicians! Instruments are NOT sterilized in “magic blue water”! Nail Polish used on fungal nails CAN + WILL infect your nails!
  • Other cosmetic treatment s that can be undertaken. These can immediately make the regrowing nail look healthy and attractive again. Ask your podiatrist for advice on these during your consultation, for more information.



Less than 13% of paints, creams and ointments were found to be effective in recent studies


Early treatment is best

Beautiful well-groomed female feet with the French pedicure and flowers on background

While often many patients try to avoid treatment hoping home remedies or nail paints and lacquers will work on most occasion early treatment is the best for a successful outcome.

Early signs of nail infection;

  • Small white patches appearing on the nails
  • Yellow discolouration developing in the nail.
  • Small or tiny, often dry blisters on skin. Often on nail edges + around the foot + on toes.

What to do?

  • When these signs begin to occur the best thing, you can do is seek treatment early.
  • Early treatment will cut recovery time meaning - a healthy clear look earlier. It also is easier and increases you chances of a quick and successful recovery.
  • Stop visiting nail salons where it’s a “in/out” You know the ones …. Dozens lined up like a production line!

Help is close at hand

Fungal nails will not go away by themselves! Time and time again friends advice of home remedies and quick fixes are proven to be good intentioned but sadly worthless. Even pharmacy medicaments creams and nail paints are difficult to use confusing and many times can be highly unsuccessful.

Laser treatment is highly effective with minimal discomfort and is safe and effective! Call our clinics on Penrith 47322007 or St Mary’s on 96732987 to confirm a time to make your nails healthy clear and disease free again.

Tried home remedies? Vicks, Tea Tree Oil or others with no success?